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Stories in the Key of Life.

Nyoka's Fanworks
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This is the creative journal for nyoka [formerly maboheme]. Archived here: fan fiction, fan art, and fan mixes. A list of my fanwork can be found here. Feedback and concrit are always welcomed and cherished. Feel free to sign up to watch the community for story updates. Contact nyoka@livejournal.com with any questions.

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Disclaimer: This journal may feature stories and art depicting male/male, male/female, and female/female sexual relationships, both FPF and RPF, and is meant for adult audiences only. All fictional people characters belong to their respective creators and owners; no copyright infringement intended. All real people fiction posted here is fiction, a product of my overactive imagination, and told for entertainment purposes only -- no disrespect or defamation of character intended. I do not make any profit from these stories. Please do not archive or reproduce without my permission.