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Fanwork Master List


Note. This masterlist is also mirrored here @ [last updated 2011].
The below masterlist contains all publicly posted fic. Fic posted prior to November 2011 is located in this journal. Fic posted after that date is housed at my Archive of Our Own.



Five Years Gone
Dean/Castiel - PG-13
1300 words
Summary: Some things never change.

Kingdom Come
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
1440 words
Summary: Sleep comes easily these days.

Interstate 70
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
490 words
Summary: What do you want to do now?

Dean/Castiel - NC-17
4730 words
Summary: It’s been weeks since Purgatory, but Dean still feels it on his skin.

These Are Days
Dean/Castiel - R
4700 words
Summary: Most days they get lost in each other. College AU.

Non-Euclidean Geometry
Dean/Castiel - PG-13
830 words
Summary: "Everything changes," Castiel says, meeting his gaze. "Even us, Dean."

Dean/Castiel - PG-13
2370 words
Summary: Dean’s driving just for the hell of it.

Dean/Castiel - PG-13
980 words
Summary: There's no real daytime in Purgatory; there's just this eternal twilight, grey skies and muted colors, a white-washed world fading into itself.

Blue Moon
Dean/Castiel - R
1160 words
Summary: "Hello, Dean," Castiel says on a soft rumble, smiling himself when he adds, "You’re late."

Dean/Castiel - R
1000 words
Summary: And we become legend.

Dean/Castiel - NC-17
10,200 words
Summary: Dean finds Castiel kneeling beside an arched doorway near the back of the church, the tight, rigid line of his shoulders familiar even in the shadows.

Moon Going Down
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
3500 words
Summary: Somewhere in Nebraska at the end of the road, it's the darkest night he's ever known.

The Ghost Of You Lingers
Dean/Castiel - R
2580 words
Summary: Moments like these are rare.

Dean/Castiel - PG-13
2730 words
Summary: "Cas, no one drives me crazier than you," Dean says, laughing when he meets Castiel's surprised expression.

In Thy Orisons, Be All My Sins Remember’d
Dean/Castiel - R
870 words
Summary: Why me? Dean asks, his words shaking loose in the quiet night.

Winter Song
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
4200 words
Summary: Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you never see coming.

Lost Highway
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
4300 words
Summary: Dean's trying to figure out where to go next.

The Weight of the World is on Your Side
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
3200 words
Summary: Cas is the only good thing to come out of the darkness tonight.

Sleep Now in the Fire
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
1340 words
Summary: They're in another field of battle, surrounded by buildings burnt to cinders, corpses scattered across the gravel.

One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning
Dean/Castiel - PG-13
600 words
Summary: it's just a moment, just a second.

Where Angels Sleep
Dean/Castiel - PG
730 words
Summary: Cas falls asleep somewhere east of Dayton.

Untitled 42
Dean/Castiel - PG-13
930 words
Summary: Show me how, Cas says.

Soldiers of the Dust
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
5700 words
Summary: Sometimes in the dark they touch.

A Place in the Sun
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
900 words
Summary: They fall to the earth, human and angel, a tangle of arms and legs, hands and lips, teeth and tongue.

The Burning Season
Dean/Castiel - R
1200 words
Summary: The world's ending with every stretch of road, every passing mile.

There was Nothing to Fear and Nothing to Doubt
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
1600 words
Summary: The sound of his name pulls him from the edge of a dreamless sleep.

Echo the Fall
Dean/Castiel - R
600 words
Summary: There are the things you know.

Give Us This Day
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
2700 words
Summary: In which Team Free Will stops at a Waffle House, and Cas discovers the glory of maple syrup.

Who Would Believe Them Winged
Dean/Castiel - NC-17
5500 words
Summary: It's lips instead of fists this time, a kiss that swells and intensifies the longer it lasts, something that carries them forward and downward.

In the Kingdom of the Sons
Dean/Castiel - R
2400 words
Summary: In dreams they are still holy, they are still wanted.

By Your Side [ficmix]
Dean/Castiel - R
3000 words
Summary: For I know one thing, love comes on a wing, and tonight I will be by your side.

Mythmakers [poem]
Dean/Castiel - G
143 words
Summary: They say you are just a longed-for myth.

Dark Night of the Soul
Dean/Castiel - R
900 words
Summary: In the dark, it's the two of them learning what it is to feel like men.

The Mercy of the Fallen
Dean/Castiel - R
1400 words
Summary: Dark night, deep night, night of rebirth. Night of blood and bone and history.


The World is All Forgetting
Dean/Castiel - NC-17- WIP
Summary: "I know you’ve been through a hell of a lot already,” she says. "But raising these kids…it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But you’ll do it well and you’ll do it right. You wouldn’t be Dean Winchester if you didn’t.” A canon-based Dean/Castiel domestic!fic; mpreg. [Crossposted here at AO3]



Morning Glory
Sam/Dean - NC-17
1260 words
Summary: Summer means being curled up with Dean on a morning that stretches long and perfect.

There are Names For What Binds Us
Sam/Dean - NC-17
1130 words
Summary: Dean's been chasing nights all his life.

The Boney King of Nowhere
Sam/Dean - NC-17
6300 words
Summary: Some nights it's just the desert and the stars above, three Winchesters and their lonely hearts.

In the Garden Where Sin Began
Sam/Dean - NC-17
6000 words
Summary: Some places, they grow for you.

Twentieth-Century Boy
Sam/Dean - NC-17
2000 words
Summary: Two brothers lying together on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere on the last night of the twentieth century.

Give Me the Splendid, Silent Sun
Sam/Dean - R
1100 words
Summary: Down and out in Bogalusa.


And We Came to Learn the Sea
Dean/Benny - NC-17
2840 words
Summary: The bed smells like sea salt, and Dean thinks for a moment that a boat surrounded by the ocean must be one of the best ways to guard against demons.

Cabin Fever
Dean/Benny - NC-17
1080 words
Summary: The sex is different outside of Purgatory, but not any less necessary, any less frenzied.

The Silent Country
Dean/Jimmy - NC-17
9950 words
Summary: Something's missing. Every time Jimmy wakes up, he feels its loss.

Bright Lights, Big Cities
Peter/Sam - NC-17
4500 words
Summary: Big boys with big destinies meet in the big city.
Notes: Supernatural + Heroes Crossover


Dean/Bela - NC-17
400 words
Summary: They're learning.

The Ocean Bleeds Salty
girl!Dean/girl!Castiel - PG
700 words
Summary: The sand is soft under Deanna’s bare feet, and the air smells of salt and water.

Dean/OFC - NC-17
4700 words
Summary: Thing is, Dean doesn't know how to be lonely. He doesn't know how to be alone.

girl!Dean/girl!Castiel - NC-17
1860 words
Summary: Truth is, Castiel is the only holy thing Deanna's ever wanted, ever believed in, ever needed. The only holy thing Deanna's ever loved.

She was a January Girl
Dean/Lisa - NC-17
1800 words
Summary: Some nights Lisa watches Dean sleep.

Dean/Tessa - R
660 words
Summary: She lost him once, twice, so many times she's begun to imagine it a game they play.

Dean/Castiel/Lisa - NC -17
2000 words
Summary: Late August, and the world bends to them.

War Story
Castiel/Jo - NC -17
900 words
Summary: In this moment, she feels so alive.

Sweet Thing
Dean/Cassie - NC -17
2100 words
Summary: Middle of the night, middle of spring, and Dean's rolled up tight in a bed that's becoming more and more familiar, something he's not really use to.

Dean/Lisa - NC -17
2600 words
Summary: What do you dream about at night? she asks.

Hidden Mouths of Stone and Light
Dean/OFC - NC -17
4900 words
Summary: There’s only a beat, a moment’s indecision before she fires off the shot, and her life changes forever.

The Burning World
Dean/Mara - NC-17
4500 words
Summary: It’s hurricane season, and the pressure is building.

Earth Found, Hell Bound
Dean/Kara - NC-17
1600 words 
Summary: Somewhere in the universe, two moving bodies collide.
Notes: Supernatural + Battlestar Galactica Crossover


Promised Land • [podfic]
Dean and Sam - PG
3800 words
Summary: It's been fifteen years since Dean and Sam first settled in the lush pasturelands of Montana, and some days Dean is still amazed that they ended up here.

This Girl's Life
Jo Harvelle - PG
735 words
Notes: Written for the spn_roadhouse's ficathon. Prompt: 06. Jo alone - her first kill, or maybe just freezing her ass off in a ghost town somewhere. She's learning how difficult hunting is; how does she cope?

Southern Comfort
Dean, Sam - PG
750 words

Summary: A few Deep Southern Fried drabbles.

Driving Lessons
Dean, John - G
100 words
Notes: Written for supernatural100. Challenge #60: Training

Mother May I
Dean Winchester - PG
100 words
Summary: In the last hour, he breathes her in.

Dean Winchester - PG
1,445 words
Summary: A few Dean-depression drabbles regarding "Hunted."


Jensen/Misha - NC-17
2100 words
Summary: Jensen wakes to the soulful croons of Marvin Gaye winding from the alarm clock radio.

Every Me and Every You
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
770 words
Summary: They wrap up taping the finale on a Wednesday.

The Best Part of Waking Up
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1900 words
Summary: The morning sneaks in like a thief, sly and unexpected.

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1000 words
Summary: There's a lifetime in five years. There's an entire history between their hearts.

Jared/Jensen - R
1200 words
Summary: It starts on a Saturday in March in a hotel room in Vancouver in the middle of a rainstorm.

Bedtime Stories
Jared/Jensen - R
1900 words
Summary: This is the story of the rest of your life. Listen.

Comfort Food For a Late Night
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1500 words
Summary: This has become their ritual.

My Kingdom for a Kiss Upon your Shoulder
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1000 words
Summary: If these walls could talk they would tell you their story.

Bedroom Eyes
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1000 words
Summary: There's truth in the thunder, love in the lightning...

The Everlasting Gaze
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1000 words
Summary: Bad habits should always feel this good.

Jared/Jensen - NC-17
400 words
Summary: Everything keeps moving.

The Density of Water
Jared/Jensen - R
1500 words 
Summary: This is the way they are put together, the curve and the angle, the singular geometry.

New Year's Prayer
Jared/Jensen - PG-13
850 words
Summary: It’s the midnight hour; there are strange lights in the desert sky and music on the air.

In the Desperate Kingdom of Love
Jared/Jensen - NC-17
1300 words
Summary: Sleep comes in those in-between moments, long legs and weary limbs tangled and wrapped in their grandmothers’ quilts.

All the World Has Closed Her Eyes
Jared/Jensen - R
1600 words
Summary: When the summer ends, when the days shorten, when all the world has closed her eyes, all that is left, all that is real, all that is them, is here, written on the body...

In the Shadowlands • [podfic]
Jared/Jensen - R
560 words
Summary: When they touch, it’s just survival.


End of the Night - [abandoned WIP]
Jared/Jensen AU - NC-17
Summary: For bored prep-school senior Jared Padalecki, the quiet, sleepy Texas Gulf Coast fishing town of Port Belle holds little of note, except for his elite boarding school. That’s until he meets Jensen Ackles—the young, troubled townie who has a thing for strays, boxcars, and speeding in and out of Jared’s life like a train in the night. This is a story about two boys from opposite sides of the tracks on a journey together that just might change their lives. 

The Farther I Fall - [abandoned WIP]
Jared/Jensen AU - NC-17
Summary: There are some secrets the night keeps from the day. There are some fears the darkness makes solid. Four years ago Jared lost the love of life. Tonight, his past returns with a bite.

Empires of Dust and Blood - [abandoned WIP]
Jared/Jensen AU - NC-17
Summary: Star-crossed lovers. Feuding families. Oil tycoons. Wealth. Power. Sex. Revenge. Murder. The family business…Texas-style.

Crescent City Nights - [abandoned WIP]
Jared/Jensen AU - NC-17
Summary: A film-inspired J2 idea based on Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic feat Moulin Rouge (which itself is loosely based on Puccini’s opera La Vie de Bohème). The setting and time period are changed—from the surrealist avant-garde bohemia of 1899 Paris to the subcultural underground of a little European city in the Southern United States known as New Orleans, during a turn-of-the-century Carnivale.


Descension / Ascension
Dean/Castiel - PG-13
22 tracks
Summary: Everything is eclipsed by the shape of destiny. So love me now, hell is coming.

At the End of the World
Starbuck/Apollo - PG
17 tracks
Summary: I could feel myself under your fate.


Alis Grave Nil
Castiel; pairings & ratings vary
Notes: Castiel-centric drabbles.

Kindred for mini_wrimo
Dean/Castiel; ratings vary.

Kissing at the End of the World for kissbingo
Fandoms vary; ratings vary.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me for kink_bingo
Fandoms vary; ratings vary.

Stories from the Book of Love for schmoop_bingo
Fandoms vary; ratings vary.

Don't Forget to Breathe Tonight for hc_bingo
Fandoms vary; ratings vary.

Love, Let Me Sleep Tonight On Your Couch for 20_est_relships
Jared/Jensen, ratings vary

Ascension for spn_30snapshots
Dean/Castiel; ratings vary
Notes: Theme 01: Elemental

Mile Markers for spn_30snapshots
Sam/Dean; ratings vary
Notes: Theme 04: Lover's Rock

When the Night Comes Calling for spn_25
Dean Winchester; ratings vary
Notes: Theme Set 4, "Concepts"

One Sentence Challenge for 1sentence
Sam/Dean; ratings vary

One Sentence Challenge for 1sentence
Jared/Jensen; ratings vary

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